Introduction / Parts site additions roll out......

Hello folks!! Just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and give you a little info about what's going on here at the Rutter's Parts site. I am Ken Creel, and I am very happy to have joined the team here at Rutter's as the Sales guy. I have been working hard the few weeks I've been here so far filling up the Parts Site with more and more content every day. I plan to continue on with this for some time to come. Lots of new products/vendors are being listed here on pretty much a daily basis. I'd also like to remind everyone that we deal with MANY other QUALITY vendors than our parts site can list so if you need something, feel free to drop me an email or call the shop(704-462-1050) and I will do whatever I can to help you fulfill your project needs. I'd also like to take this time to thank all of our past and current customers and welcome those who are considering us for your needs....
  • Posted on   07/19/13 at 04:36:19 PM   by Patt  | 
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