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Direct SheetMetal Installation Help

Q. What gauge steel are DSM firewalls and floorboards made from?
A. All of Direct Sheetmetal’s firewalls and floors are made out of 16 gauge cold-rolled steel (060.) The tunnels are made from 18 gauge cold-rolled (.048).

Q. What is a rosette weld?
A. A rosette weld is when you punch or drill a hole (approx. 5/16") through one place of material to weld into another piece of material. You use this type of weld when one piece overlaps another piece. All of Direct Sheetmetal’s floors weld in this way.

Q. How much do I weld?
A. When welding in a floor and tunnel, use a rosette weld about 3" to 4" apart. It is not necessary to weld the entire edge of a floor. This will cause severe warpage (too much heat). When welding in a firewall, weld back through the holes you drilled to remove the stock firewall. DO NOT START ON ONE SIDE AND WELD ALL THE WAY TO THE OTHER SIDE.

It’s a good rule that if the face of the firewall gets too hot to touch, stop and let it cool off. It should take about 60-90 minutes to weld in your new firewall.

Q. Do I have to use a new floorboard if I change my firewall?
A. No, but all of DSM's firewalls have a floorboard to match up to. This makes for a more professional job.

Q. Why do I have to trim some parts?
A. Although most parts DSM makes DO NOT have to be trimmed, some such as toeboards and tranny extensions may have to. Here’s why: Every car is different. When you install a floor, it usually comes in 6 or 7 pieces. If you do not get the main floors in the exact spot we did when we produced our templates, some trimming will be required. We make our parts to overlay other parts so trimming is ok. It is harder to add material than to trim material. When installing a floor, screw the main floor and tunnel in place. Lay the left and right toeboards in place. If they fit, screw them in place. If not, mark and trim them to get a good fit. Remember, the left and right toeboards may not be the same. So, trim each side separately.