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UniSteer- Improved Universal Electra-Steer - UNI8052160

UniSteer- Improved Universal Electra-Steer(for vehicles to 4500lb) - UNI8052160

If you have ever dreamed of having the ability to allow your engine more horsepower at the flick of a switch or ease the pain of maneuvering a tough spot at the local cruise night then you need to check out Electra-Steer by Unisteer. Electra-Steer is a compact electric power assist unit that decreases steering effort up to 35% compared to manual steering. They work off of the vehicles already existing 12 volt system without any modifications and go right inline with your steering shaft. The vehicle must use a steering wheel and not exceed a total weight of 4,500 lbs.


This kit is BIGGER, BADDER, & BETTER than our earlier successful model. This kit features a 30% stronger motor that will reduce effort in vehicles with steering wheels weighing in up to 4500lbs. The new computer modules are now in a sealed weather resistant box and can withstand very harsh conditions.

This is a universal kit that includes the basic kit components as pictured.

You will need in addition to this kit, an assortment of u-joints, couplers, and steering shaft that can be purchased together on this site. Both the input and output spline on the electric motor are unique. There are options you can choose from below(if you are adding any of these options please call 704-462-1051 or email for full total)....

(1) 9/16-30 Spline(546220) +$44
(2) 9/16-30 Spline(546220) +$87
(1) 9/16-26 Spline(546230) +$44
(2) 9/16-26 Spline(546230) +$87
(1) 5/8 Round(546240) +$44
(2) 5/8 Round(546240) +$87
(1) 3/4 DD(546250) +$44
(2) 3/4 DD(546250) +$87

(1) 3/4 Round(546280) +$44
(2) 3/4 Round(546280) +$87

23" DD Plated +$32
35" DD Plate +$47
23" 9/16-30 Spline x DD Plated +$42
35" 9/16-30 Spline x DD Plated +$58

This kit comes with a universal square bracket and will need to be modified with additional materials to fit each application.

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