During a recent process of improvement, we completed a routine system re-evaluation which has shown us some new ways we can improve our services. One improvement we’ve made is to upgrade the cameras we’ve been using. This camera upgrade will allow us to show you your project more quickly and more clearly! Another improvement we found is that the third party photo sharing medium, Shutterfly, may no longer be the most up-to-date user-friendly source for viewing pictures of your hot rod! So from now on we will back up all your photos to our new Google Drive. This drive will allow us to access your photos from anywhere, and share these photos with you as soon we take them! And you can view your photos any time you’d like by accessing your files in our Google Drive. No more waiting for us to upload and sort the pictures to Shutterfly since they will be in our Google Drive immediately. No more need for a Shutterfly account either! And if you decide to order promo items with these photos of your hotrod, you will be able to download them and take them wherever you’d like to get these items made.”