Direct SheetMetal Installation Help

Q: Why do I have to trim some parts?

Although most parts DSM makes DO NOT have to be trimmed, some such as toeboards and tranny extensions may have to. Here’s why: Every car is different. When you install a floor, it usually comes in 6 or 7 pieces. If you do not get the main floors in the exact spot we did when we produced our templates, some trimming will be required. We make our parts to overlay other parts so trimming is ok. It is harder to add material than to trim material. When installing a floor, screw the main floor and tunnel in place. Lay the left and right toeboards in place. If they fit, screw them in place. If not, mark and trim them to get a good fit. Remember, the left and right toeboards may not be the same. So, trim each side separately.

Q: What is a rosette weld?

A rosette weld is when you punch or drill a hole (approx. 5/16") through one place of material to weld into another piece of material. You use this type of weld when one piece overlaps another piece. All of Direct Sheetmetal’s floors weld in this way.

Q: What gauge steel are DSM firewalls and floorboards made from?

All of Direct Sheetmetal’s firewalls and floors are made out of 16 gauge cold-rolled steel (060.) The tunnels are made from 18 gauge cold-rolled (.048).

Q: How much do I weld?

When welding in a floor and tunnel, use a rosette weld about 3" to 4" apart. It is not necessary to weld the entire edge of a floor. This will cause severe warpage (too much heat). When welding in a firewall, weld back through the holes you drilled to remove the stock firewall. DO NOT START ON ONE SIDE AND WELD ALL THE WAY TO THE OTHER SIDE.

It’s a good rule that if the face of the firewall gets too hot to touch, stop and let it cool off. It should take about 60-90 minutes to weld in your new firewall.

Q: Do I have to use a new floorboard if I change my firewall?

No, but all of DSM's firewalls have a floorboard to match up to. This makes for a more professional job.


Q: What do I need to know when ordering a Ron Francis Wiring Kit?

To make sure your Ron Francis Kit is best for your needs, we would like to know the following: 1) What Make, Model, and Year is your vehicle? 2) What engine are you using? 3) What distributor do you have? 4) What column are using? 5) Where is the location of your ignition switch? 6) Where is the location of your dimmer switch? 7) What alternator are you using - one-wire or original externally regulated? If you are using an externally regulated alternator, then Ron Francis recommends that you purchase their regulator (#VR-88) to be sure that there are no problems caused by an old regulator.

Fuel Tanks

Q: Will my stock fuel sending unit work in a Tanks, Inc. fuel tank?

If your fuel sending unit has a 5-hole bolt pattern then it will work.

Q: What else will I need for my new fuel tank?

You will need a fuel sending unit with a five-hole bolt pattern and you may need an in-tank fuel pump depending on your set up. Your fuel sending unit usually comes with your aftermarket gauges. If you do not have a sending unit you will need to know the OHM range on your current fuel gauge to determine the best one for your vehicle.

Q: My 5/16" fuel line doesn't fit to the 3/8" bung on the Tanks, Inc. tank.

We recommend switching your fuel line to a new 3/8" line due to the fact that the old line probably has 50 years of crud built up in it. If you decide not to convert your fuel line to the newer 3/8" line then you will need to pick up a reducer fitting at your local auto parts shop.


Q: Why Performance Rod and Custom (PRC)?

Besides the quality workmanship we've seen each and every time we've installed a PRC radiator, we are very satisfied with the excellent customer service and attention to detail from this manufacturer. We have been proud to say that we are a distributor and a professional builder who recommends and uses these fine products.

Q: How can I be sure that the inlet and outlet holes for my radiator match up with my engine?

If you are ordering a PRC radiator for a Chevy, the default or standard location and size of the inlet hole is center top at 1 1/2" and the outlet hole is passenger side bottom at 1 3/4". You should always check your set-up to make sure this will work. If your engine is different than a SBC or BBC you must let us know so that we can get you the radiator that will fit your needs. Likewise, if your vehicle is a Ford, you must let us know what engine you are using. We have a radiator specification form that you can follow and fill out for any special modifications or needs and we'll be glad to send that on to you at your request.

Q: How are PRC aluminum radiators constructed?

PRC Aluminum Radiators are constructed of 100% Aluminum, 100% Tig Welded, and 100% Pressure Tested. Absolutely NO epoxy is used in their construction! PRC uses furnace-brazed cores constructed of 2 rows of 1” tubes which will give you the unmatched cooling that you desire. PRC’s unique universal mounting brackets make for a wide range of adjustments and easy installation.

Q: Can I order a custom radiator?

Yes! PRC has issued a build sheet for those who would like to modify or customize a radiator for a certain application.

Click here to print a custom radiator build sheet. Fill out the form and send it via email to

Shipping Policy


We know that you want your parts as soon as possible so we try our best to process your order and ship it within 24 hours. Some items may take longer than a day or two to ship due to just-in-time manufacturing and/or the nature of the product. For instance radiators, headers, frame stubs, and grill inserts could take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to ship because the manufacture will not produce the item(s) until they receive an order. Most items will be drop-shipped direct from the manufacturer and may ship via UPS, Fed Ex, or USPS. We will notify you if we find out that your order will not ship on a timely basis.


All aftermarket parts we sell are subject to the warranty policies of the manufacturers. Some manufacturers charge return-to-stock fees in addition to shipping charges and those costs plus credit card fees could be passed on to you, the buyer. The only circumstance where we would be responsible for the costs involved in an item's replacement or repair would be if we were at fault. All returns must be in NEW condition and their return is subject to our approval. Be sure to contact us to obtain a Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) number if you would like to return an item. A copy of the original invoice must also accompany any product returned.

Steering columns

Q: Questions about steering columns

DD shafting: I can push my DD shaft up into your column, right? Please don't put your 3/4"DD shaft inside our 1"DD tubing!!! We don't recommend it, Borgeson doesn't recommend it. Please use a coupler or a u-joint. Column drops: Most of you know that the column drop is split and to install the column you need to take the bottom off of the drop. The question of the day…"how do I slide that drop up over the wires exiting your column?" I once bet a guy my next paycheck that the drop was 2 pieces. ididit columns: It may not be an ididit column, but "they're just like an ididit." Or, "the guy I bought it from told me it was an ididit." Be aware of unscrupulous vendors out there that like to sell inferior products by falsely comparing them to ours.


Q: What size axel diameter will your Spring Perches fit?

These perches fit very nicely on a 2-1/2" tube. We would not recommend them for a tube that is less than 2-1/4". So if your tube falls between 2-1/2" and 2-1/4" they should fit just fine.

Q: Do I need a sway bar for my air suspension?

Sway bars are very difficult to fit on air front suspensions and are not recommended. A rear sway bar will control the body roll effectively and will make it much easier to fit.