Are you a great mechanic wanting to show off your ability, but can’t due to the company’s flat rate policy or your managers saying “Customers won’t pay for that”? Is the roller coaster of your paycheck getting old? Want to build Hot Rods and Customs but don’t want to work for that guy behind his house? Then we've got a job for you!

Rutter’s Rod Shop has been in business since 1998, with tons of amazing builds and a reputation for building show cars that can not only win, but can drive coast to coast. When working at Rutter’s Rod Shop you will be expected to show off your abilities and go the extra mile. Our customers want the best, and we want you to help us deliver that to them.

You will work in a fully heated and cooled environment with great equipment. Also you will be part of a team that works together from metal to paint where everyone has a voice in the build.

We have a fully streamlined invoicing process in our billing department that describes the amazing work you are doing with detailed documentation taken from your own words.

Rutter’s Rod Shop is also a direct dealer for some of the biggest names in the industry who will give you better support when you need it.

We work on a 4, 10 hour day schedule with 3 day weekends with the goal of no overtime. Rutter’s recognizes that we each have other hobbies and families with which to spend our time. So you can enjoy your 3 day weekends every weekend with no threat of having to come to work on Fridays.

Below are all job openings Rutter's Rod Shop has available

  • Final Assembly Technician Applicants must be responsible for all mechanical work including: wiring, plumbing, chassis, powertrain and mechanical troubleshooting. Candidate must have attention to detail, good communication, self motivation, and must be able to work as a team. This position is for an experienced technician in the custom car/truck industry with knowledge of modern powertrains. (Entry level positions are not available at this time.)

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